Moonlighting Marvin Code Challenge Winners Announcement
April 30, 2024

Our latest code challenge was SO MUCH FUN! We had so many amazing projects submitted from around the world, and are excited to reveal the winners!

Here’s the prompt students were given:

How is Planet Fiero and its thriving population of sentient robots ever supposed to become a spacefaring civilization if it can’t blast beyond its atmosphere’s gravity well!? The answer is epic rocket ships, of course! You’ve built the business from the ground up and engineered the rockets, but now you need to sell them to the other robots on Planet Fiero. Your mission is to design an awe-inspiring online store where potential customers can learn more about your spacecraft and why they are the absolute best for exploring outer space!

And here are the winners!

13-18 Year Old Category

First Place: “Orion – Reach For the Stars”

Creator: lbridges

From the Creator:

I’m most proud of not having any assistance and being able to code freely without worry. Every bit of my code showed better progression and I was relieved of that result. For other young coders who are nervous about joining a Fiero Challenge, don’t worry. Trying to be perfect will cause more obstacles that will ruin your fun in Fiero. Just do your best!

Organization: Greenwood School, Florida

Project Link:

Second Place: “Moonlight Motors”

Creator: Cat-Coder

From the Creator:

The thing that makes me most proud about the project is the css designing, especially because I didn’t know much about css. If you are nervous about doing a Fiero Code Challenge, I want you to know that It’s perfectly normal to be nervous, but if you just try your hardest and have fun, that’s what matters most.

Organization: Renfrew Public Library, Canada

Project Link:

Third Place: “Pocket Rockets”

Creator: wdonovan

From the Creator:

In this project, I am most proud of the website’s design, I feel like I was able to pick a good color scheme to make the website stand out. I am also proud that I was able to learn html so quickly. For anyone that wants to join a FIERO code challenge, don’t be afraid. You can always try again.”

Organization: Greenwood School, Florida

Project Link:

8-12 Year Old Category

First Place: “Explore the Universe with Style”

Creator: Flk5798

From the Creator:

From this competition, “Moonlighting Marvin” in Fiero Code, I am most proud of the form that updates the content of the HTML page with a message that changes based on user input, and the rocket I created that floats in a circle on the main page. While making the form that replaces the content of the HTML page with a new message, I was stuck on a particularly complicated problem and then took a lesson on Fiero Code, which helped me solve the problem. Most of all, I am proud that I have won first place and gotten a Robolink Drone prize in the Fiero Code “Moonlighting Marvin” competition.

I would like to say to young coders who are nervous about joining a Fiero competition to not be afraid to challenge yourselves because it is a great opportunity for learning and growth. Finally, the most important thing to remember when participating in a Fiero Code competition is to have and enjoy the fun that programming brings.

Organization: Queens Public Library; Queens, NY

Project Link:

Well done to all of our participants!

Our next coding contest starts June 1 and runs until July 31! It’s going to be building a “choose-your-own-adventure” style game in Code Blocks. No coding experience required!

Here are the details and marketing materials for that competition, for all of our library partners.

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