The Ultimate Guide for Partnering with Fiero Contests

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1. What are these “contests?”

Fiero organizes and runs several coding contests every year. These are free for your students to enter. They last 6-8 weeks and students have the chance of winning code-able robots and toys. How cool is that?

Not only is this an amazing opportunity for your students to have some fun while learning how to code, but it’s a great way for libraries to draw in new users and drive usage of this amazing resource. 

The best part is… Fiero does all the heavy lifting! It’s a special event done-for-you!

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2. How to deliver a contest?

Delivering contests to your community is easy! Fiero creates all the marketing and promotional material you’ll need, and you just need to get the word out to your community! 

All contests are planned out a year in advance, so you could take 30 minutes at the beginning of every year to schedule out social media posts and emails, and not have to think about it again all year! 

Marketing and promotion is the name of the game to partner with Fiero contests. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of an amazing done-for-you event like this?! 

Annual time committment to partner with Fiero contests

Less than 60 minutes

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