Unlock a hopeful future for your students as they learn how to code.

Fiero Code is an award winning learn-to-code solution that was designed from the ground up for schools.

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Trusted by schools around the world

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Empowering private schools to bring coding through multiple angles

Private prep and parochial schools around the world are utilizing Fiero in a variety of ways

Code Classes

Fiero code is the easiest way to offer computer science classes for your elementary, middle, or high schools. We provide scope and sequence documents that make it a breeze to run a code class – no coding expertise required.

Aligned in all the right places

After-school code clubs

Start and run an after-school code-club-in-a-box with Fiero Code. No coding expertise required! Introduce robotics and maker concepts as you team STEAM to your elementary, middle and high school students.

Coding Section in an existing class

Many schools will slot Fiero in an existing class that has a coding section already included. This makes it easy for math and science teachers to offer coding.

Self-guided learning

Schools are also invited to make Fiero available to their entire student body for anyone to use who can’t fit a class in their schedule or make it to an after-school code club.

Built for staff who don’t know how to code

If you’re like most private schools, you desperately want to bring coding education to your students. The only problem is… no one knows how to code! Fiero Code is designed for schools just like yours. With our help, YOU can bring coding to your community – no coding expertise required!

We provide an on-demand training program that empowers any librarian to start and run successful code classes and clubs as well as lesson plans that make offering Fiero a breeze.

Hand crafted for staff who are short on time.

With our help, you can bring meaningful coding education to your community in a low-effort and sustainable way. Unlike many other coding solutions out there, with Fiero there is minimal lesson-prep or curriculum development. With our Scope and Sequence docs,  code classes are a program-in-a-box.

Real feedback from students in Fiero

“I am proud that I made a whole game using Javascript.”

“…fun making the planets explode.”

“I’m proud of… Everything!”

“I had fun making a platformer!”

Learning to add and animate elements was really fun.

“I’m proud of finishing it and not crashing the webpage!”

“making a scoreboard and imagining the robots using it”

“challenging making the enemies shoot”

“proud that I learned new things”

Unlock hopeful futures for students in your school.