Fiero Code Parent Guide

Instructions for Fiero Parents on getting set up with a Fiero account, and setting up your coder to succeed!

Creating an Account

Watch the video or follow these instructions to create an account for your child in the Fiero Code software.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click Sign Up
  3. Enter Coder’s name, gender, state, and find the school or library you’re gaining access through from the dropdown.
  4. Enter a parent or guardian’s email address, and the Coder (child’s) birth month and year. Click Next.
  5. Create a Username and Password for the coder. Click Save.
  6. Start coding!

Why Coding?

“Coding the closest thing we have to a superpower.” – Drew Houston

We are passionate about providing coding education to your coder. Watch the video below to learn why we do what we do, and why you should care. 

How the Software works

There are two “modes” of learning in the Fiero Code software: Workouts, and Missions.

Workouts are where coders learn new concepts. These contain tutorials, small practice exercises, videos, and explanations of various coding concepts.

 Missions are projects. This is where coders will take the concepts they’re learning from the Workouts and apply them towards building real websites, animations, apps, and programs. They’ll start with a blank slate for each Mission, and build a project from scratch using a project outline provided in the software.

External Usernames and Passwords

Fiero Codes utilizes some external coding platforms. Though we are not affiliated with any of these platforms, we have vetted them extensively, respect their commitments to privacy and safety, and believe they are the best tools for our coders. To save your coder’s work in these platforms, you will have create usernames and passwords for each platform. We recommend writing each of these down for future reference.

Helping when your coder is stuck

As the parent or guardian, you have an important role to play in your coder learning how to code. One of the most important things you can do is support them when they get stuck on a tutorial or coding concept. Now, we don’t expect you to know the answer to their problem – don’t worry.

Instead, we want you to lead them through a process until they solve the problem for themselves. 

Watch this video to learn our 3 step process for getting coders unstuck. 

The Three Mindsets

If you want your child to succeed and get the jobs of the future, adopting the following three mindsets as your “role” in this learning journey are invaluable. 


The most important thing your child needs as they begin the challenge of learning how to code is someone who believes in them. A cheerleader encourages us when we’re discouraged, celebrates when we succeed, and supports us when we fail. Create an uplifting and positive environment, and cheer your heart out.


A good mentor leads us to the answer rather than giving us the answer. When your child gets stuck, don’t bail him or her out. Help your child wrestle with the solution. Ask questions like, “What have you tried so far?” or “How do you think we could solve this problem?” The important thing is mentors never let us give up.


Help your child learn these coding concepts by setting aside time and providing the materials needed. Set them up to succeed! Have everything ready to go so the child can focus on the activity. This also means that if there is no one else around, you are their default guinea pig. There are worse things in life…