The Fiero Code Platform

The ultimate all-in-one solution to bring coding education to your school, library, or after-school program.

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Meet Fiero Code,

a top distinction award winning library product!

We’ve cracked the recipe for fun and engaging coding education.

Over the past 10 years, Fiero Code has become a beloved product to both students and the organizations that deliver it.

Project-Based Learning

Gain coding skills by building real websites, video games, apps, animations, and programs.

Story-Based Learning

Like a video game, every lesson and activity is tied to an overarching story that makes learning fun and “sticky.”

Gamified Learning

Learning should be fun. Using rewards, competion, and leaderboards, Fiero keeps users engaged and progressing through the learning journey.


Build projecs by using our 5-step design process. 

All-in-one platform

Our learn-to-code platform includes a place to write and run your code so students can jump right in and start unlocking a hopeful future. No downloads required!

World class video content

Fiero leans heavily on video lessons to teach coding concepts, but these aren’t your boring old educational videos you’ve seen a thousand times. Students love our videos because they’re funny, they’re very clear, and super easy to follow.

Check out this example —>

Over 6 years worth of of curriculum

Coding languages taught.

Robotics and maker devices with curriculum in Fiero.

Full courses in computer programming.

Total coding lessons in Fiero Code’s platform.

Coding projects in Fiero – called “Missions” in the app

Semester-long scope & sequence docs to use in the classroom.

Admin features galore!

As impressive as the student’s experience is inside Fiero’s learn-to-code platform, the admin features are just as exciting. Everything you need to deliver Fiero to your school or library:

  • Rostering (Google Classroom integration, or CSV upload)
  • Reporting
  • Automated parent reminder emails
  • Student progress
  • Student password reset

Create Mode

Fiero also includes “Create Mode” which is a free-code space where students can work on projects independent from our curriculum. This empowers teachers and facilitators to use Fiero for the occasional custom assignment. It also gives students a place where they can try out ideas, or work on projects they’ve dreamed up.

Unlock hopeful futures for the people in your library community.