In-Person Learning

Start the easiest code club or coding class of your life

 Bring In-Person Learning Experiences to Your Library, School, or After-School Community

Learning to code in informal learning settings like after-school code clubs or in classroom settings like code classes is the best way to learn! But it can be difficult to start and run these experiences for students, especially if you don’t know how to code. With Fiero’s help, anyone can start and run amazing in-person coding experience – no coding expertise required!.

No Coding Experience Required!

Through the Fiero Training Center, librarians and teachers can get quickly trained up on how to use Fiero Code in a code club or code class. Rather than looking for computer programming experts, we’re looking for adults who can cheerlead and encourage students as they learn to code.

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Standards Aligned

Students receive the best in computer programming education with Fiero Code. Our content is aligned to both the CSTA and ISTE standards.

Lesson Plans for K12 code classes

Fiero Code provides Scope & Sequence documents so you can use Fiero for two classes in elementary, middle school, and high school (6 total classes). Offer coding for credit with Fiero Code.

Fiero is right for your organization

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Fiero Code empowers public and school libraries to offer coding as a remote-access digital resource, after-school code clubs, and coding competitions. It’s the easiest way to bring coding to your patrons!


School around the world are loving Fiero Code because it enables them to offer standards-aligned coding classes and coding clubs to their students without having to hire a professional programmer.

After-school programs

In places like Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA groups, and various Scouts programs, Fiero empowers non-experts to run coding education in a simple and effective way. 

Unlock hopeful futures for the people in your community.