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Fiero Code empowers public and school libraries to offer coding as a remote-access digital resource, after-school code clubs, and coding competitions. It’s the easiest way to bring coding to your patrons!


School around the world are loving Fiero Code because it enables them to offer standards-aligned coding classes and coding clubs to their students without having to hire a professional programmer.

After-school programs

In places like Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA groups, and various Scouts programs, Fiero empowers non-experts to run coding education in a simple and effective way. 

How it Works

It’s not just possible to bring coding to your community… it’s easy!

We exist to unlock a hopeful future for the people in your community. Fiero Code provides everything you need to deliver coding through your library, school, or organization.  

Partner & get started

Partner with Fiero Code and get ready to offer coding education in a variety of ways with your own personal Onboarding Guide.

Deliver coding experiences

We support many different experiences: code clubs, code classes, bootcamps, hackathons, and self-guided learning.

Change lives!

It won’t be long before your people are creating video games, websites, apps, animations, and programs.

We make coding education fun!

In-person or self-guided

Fiero Code can be used in in-person coding experiences or people can learn by coding online.

Personalized learning

Tracks for people to learn web development, video game development, robotics, databases and more!

Engaging Projects

Fiero is built on Project-Based Learning and is full of real-world projects that make learning fun.

Gamification for the win

Level, leaderboards, and – most importantly – a customizable robot avatar make Fiero a place students can’t wait to come back to.

SO much content!

Aligned in all the right places

In-person experiences facilitated

Projects created

Lines of code

Real feedback from students in Fiero

“I am proud that I made a whole game using Javascript.”

“…fun making the planets explode.”

“I’m proud of… Everything!”

“I had fun making a platformer!”

Learning to add and animate elements was really fun.

“I’m proud of finishing it and not crashing the webpage!”

“making a scoreboard and imagining the robots using it”

“challenging making the enemies shoot”

“proud that I learned new things”


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Access free resources to help start and run coding programs at your school or library.

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Unlock hopeful futures for the people in your community.