Code Contests

Run hackathon-style coding competitions

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Bring coding competitions to your community with Fiero’s help

3 times a year Fiero organizes coding competitions that your students enter for the chance to win code-able robots, drones, Makey Makeys, and more. It’s fun for the students, and is an easy way to attract new people to Fiero.

8 week contests

Students have 8 weeks to build something awesome!

Virtual / Asynchronus

Contests are all hosted inside Fiero Code’s app.

No admin needed

Fiero organizes and administrates the entire competition! 

Win amazing prizes

Winners will walk away with a code-able robot, drone, Makey Makey, or other amazing coding-tech.

Fun for Students

Competiting (and winning) is super fun for our students. 

Rewarding for staff

Celebrate what your students have achieved when they win.

Fiero is right for your organization

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Fiero Code empowers public and school libraries to offer coding as a remote-access digital resource, after-school code clubs, and coding competitions. It’s the easiest way to bring coding to your patrons!


School around the world are loving Fiero Code because it enables them to offer standards-aligned coding classes and coding clubs to their students without having to hire a professional programmer.

After-school programs

In places like Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA groups, and various Scouts programs, Fiero empowers non-experts to run coding education in a simple and effective way. 

Unlock hopeful futures for the people in your community.