The Fiero Code Resource Library

Welcome to the clearing house for all the free Fiero resources. Download, share, modify, etc. These are meant to empower you and your school or library to run coding programs.

Seven No-Tech Coding Activities for Kids (handout)

This is beautiful printable resource that contains seven activities that teach coding concepts through tactile activities. No computers necessary. The front page has the activities, while the back page has a Parent Guide. Print out a stack and distribute to your community. Great for areas with low internet connectivity or young kids.

Hour of Code Program Lesson Plan

In this resource, we put together a lesson plan that makes running an “hour of code” program a breeze. We link to a Google Slides presentation that you’re welcome to copy and modify. In the presentation, pay attention to the Presenter Notes section, as we put some tips and hints for all librarians running the program.

Coding Certificate for Kids

Millions of years of human evolution, and a piece of paper with your name on it is still one of the most motivating things in the world. Use our certificate Google Slides template to hand out awards at your coding program.

Once in the Google Slide, click File > Make a copy to edit your own version.

Code Club Ice Breakers

This is collaborative document we put together with code club facilitators from around the country. It’s got several dozen ice breaker questions and activities for your code club.

If there is one secret to a successful code club, it’s ice breakers. Use them and use them often, and your code club will be better for it.

Code Club Poster Template

Use this attractive poster or flyer template to advertise Code Club at your school or library. Print out a stack and tape them up around the facility. Drop them off at schools or community centers around town.

To edit, simply go to File > Make a copy, and you will then have access to swap out your organization name, ages, and meeting day & time.

The Uncanny Guide to Successful Code Clubs

We ran a research project in the spring of 2019 on what makes some code clubs successful, and others not. This documents our findings in a digestable way that offers recommendations for any who want to run their own code club.

Running a Coding Contest

At Fiero Code we host multiple Coding Competitions every year that are open to EVERYONE in the Code Club community worldwide.

However, you may find that, for one reason or another you want to run your own smaller contest just for your Coders at your library.

We think that is a fantastic idea, and wanted to offer some tips to help you with the process.

8 Ways to Make Code Club Fun

Code clubs ought to be fun! And it’s not really that hard to make it fun. In this infographic, we spell out 8 very simple and practical ways to make your code clubs more fun and engaging for students.

If it’s fun… they’ll come back!