The Lost City Code Challenge Winners Announced!
January 23, 2024

Our latest code challenge was the most successful one to date! We had hundreds of people participate from around the world, and a crop of the most amazing projects we’ve ever seen.

Well done, Fiero Code community! You’re building awesome stuff, and we couldn’t be more proud.

As always, we award 1st-3rd places in two age categories: 13-18 year olds and 8-12 year olds. Without further adieu, here are the winners from the Oct/Nov code challenge, entitled “The Lost City.”

Here’s the prompt students were given:

Just yesterday, a construction team found something peculiar while digging at their construction site on Planet Fiero. And guess what, it’s big! Like, really really big.

The workers dug and dug and dug until they realized that they had discovered… an ancient city! That’s right, a robot city from long ago that had been lost and forgotten over time. Who knew – a lost city right here on Planet Fiero!

Now our local museum wants to hire YOU to build a “virtual tour” of this lost city so everyone on Planet Fiero can experience this ancient civilization.

Your job is to use Code Blocks to create an ancient city and give users the chance to walk around the city to explore it for themselves. It’s kind of like a video game!

13-18 Year Old Category

First Place: “Providence of Fieronia”

Creator: tmedlock

From the Creator: My experience working on this project was challenging for me. It proved I needed to think more outside the box and other things to truly succeed in my project. On some subjects it took days, others within the class period, But overall I believe it was a fun and challenging learning experience. I believe that because I won I am very excited to see what happens next. I love coding so far and this was a challenging experience [Like I said earlier] So winning for me was a pretty great moment.

Organization: Greenwood School, Florida

Project Link:

Second Place: “The Eagle’s Nest”

Creator: bdudley

From the Creator: My experience with this challenge was a fun activity that helped me learn about coding and game design. It was a very fun experience that I was able to do alongside my friends. Winning made me realize that not only hard work can help you succeed but, the people and environment also impact your work just as much.

Organization: Greenwood School, Florida

Project Link:

Third Place: “Cave City”

Creator: jvencill

From the Creator: While I was working on my project I was a little stressed about not being finished on time, I felt like I was on Cake Wars or something. But while I was working on it I generally had a good time and I feel like the competition really gave me a chance to test my newly learned skills and I especially like testing my new knowledge competitively. Now that I know I’ve won, even 3rd place, I’m really happy with myself and really proud too. I really enjoy this and am glad to know that I know what I’m doing.

Organization: Greenwood School, Florida

Project Link:

8-12 Year Old Category

First Place: “Pet Land”

Creator: Cat-Coder

From the Creator: When I got news that I had won, it made me really excited that I had even made the top three. One of the most exciting parts was adding a fight sequence because I had never done it before, and it was fun figuring it out. That this meant to me was that even though coding (or any hobby) can be hard, you shouldn’t give up, especially if it’s what you love doing.

Organization: Renfrew Public Library, Ontario Canada

Project Link:

Second Place: “Catch em’ all!”

Creator: Mariotime-Luigitime

Organization: Salt Lake County Library, UT

Project Link:

Third Place: “Hungry Guy”

Creator: ak21331

From the Creator: Working on this project was fun, but complicated and time consuming. I am very excited about winning because I was actually hoping for the 3rd place prize!

Organization: Epic Charter School, OK

Project Link:

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