Happy Birthday, Fiero Code!
May 3, 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce the birth of Fiero Code!

Fiero was born yesterday at 12:01am after a long labor and delivery… okay, okay this metaphor’s gone far enough.

The last seven years as “Prenda” has been nothing short of remarkable, but this new chapter in our story as Fiero is teeming with potential.

First, we’ve got an all-new version of our learn-to-code software out. We released a massive update a couple days ago that includes new features like:

  • Built-in code editors for HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, and SQL as well as a version of Scratch called Code Blocks
  • Builds our coding competitions right into our application
  • Allows for “free-code” mode where students can start coding and creating from a blank slate.

Watch the overview video here.

Second, we are feeling more passion than ever as we’re dialing in our vision and mission. Official language is still in the works, but we’re beginning to say things like, “We exist to help give people hope and a future as they learn how to code.” The more we think about it, the more those ideas of “hope” and “a future” are inspiring us. We’re waking up in the morning energized to bring this mission to the world in a fresh way.

So thanks for celebrating Fiero’s birthday with us!

One last thing – things will be in flux for a couple days through this transition. You might see lingering “Prenda’s” or Prenda logos as we finalize the transition. Thank you for your understanding and flexibility as we finish the name change.

As always, let’s build something awesome!

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