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Announcing the June / July Code Challenge Winners!
October 13, 2023

We are SO proud to announce the winners of our most recent code challenge that ran from June 1 – July 31, 2023. We had hundreds of students participate from around the world, and three amazing projects stood out amongst the rest.

In this code challenge, students were instructed to create a webpage using HTML, CSS and JavaScript to show off their favorite song. Here were the requirements they had to meet:

  • Choose a song to build a website about.
  • Create a great title for your website.
  • Write a section to tell people about the song you chose. Does it have an interesting story about how or why it was written? Did it win any awards? Was it in any movies or TV shows?
  • Write a section about why this song means so much to you.
  • Embed a YouTube video of your favorite version of the song in your webpage.
  • Use CSS to make your webpage look awesome! Think about modifying font families, font colors, and backgrounds.
  • (optional) Use the flexbox to create a two column section somewhere in your website.
  • (optional) Use JavaScript to create a “counter” button that counts up by one ever time it is clicked.

As you can imagine, some very fun projects came out of this challenge.

First Place: Enter Sandman

Creator: BigBoi1998

Quote from the creator:

Hello, I am ecstatic to win this competition and receive a Sphero robot to play with! I would just like to say that I am very happy and feel honored to win. The cool effects and JS Web interactivity were taken from the lessons on Fiero. I’m interested in JS games and animations to make websites a fun place to be. Anyway, I am very grateful and proud to win this competition. I really hope Metallica can see my webpage. Thank you and I hope you have a good day!

Organization: Sunnyvale Public Library, California

Project Link:

Second Place: Heal the World

Creator: Flk5798

Quote from the creator:

I’m really excited about winning the coding competition in second place. Making a website about “Heal the World” was pretty fun, and getting the PowerUp 4.0 RC paper plane as a prize is pretty cool. Looking forward to doing more projects like this. 

Organization: Queens Library, NY

Project Link:

Third Place: Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Creator: Jimmyrugbychamp 

Quote from the creator:

 It feels so good to get into the top three twice in a row. I’m 10 and I love coming in the top three because I get prizes to code. I also like it because this coding competition is global and I got in the top three! 

Organization: St. Johns International School, Belgium

Project Link:

New Contest Running Now!

Our next code challenge / hackathon is currently running! The title of the contest is “The Lost City” and the vibe is Indian Jones meets Pokemon (like the classic GameBoy version). It’s running from Oct 1 – Nov 30th, 2023 and is FREE for all Fiero users from subscribing schools and libraries.

Fiero users can access the contest by logging in and navigating to the Challenge page.

At Fiero, we offer 3 coding contests a year as we partner with schools and libraries around the world to bring coding education. Reach out if you’d like to bring Fiero to your school or library.

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