Feb/March Code Challenge Results
May 26, 2023

We had over 180 students participate in our most recent code challenge (hackathon). The project for this contest was called “The Origin Story” and students had to create a character from scratch, then tell their origin story through a short animation.

We had participants from all over the world – the United States, Canada, Belgium, New Zealand, Australia, and the UK!

The judging is done, and the scores are in. We are proud to announce the winners of this contest.

First Place

In first place, we have a coder from C.H. Booth Library in CT. Their project is titled “The Dangers of AI,” and was a lot of fun. The judges were most impressed with their creative storytelling, voice acting, and the min-Code Blocks version that showed up inside the animation. The first place prize is a Q-Scout Robot!

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Second Place

In second place, we have a delightful story from a coder at St. John’s International School in Belgium. Their project is titled “Space Hackers”, and the judges particularly like how the coder created a way to advance through the story by using the keyboard keys in alphabetical order – great creativity! The second place prize is a Sphero Mini!

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Third Place

In third place, we have a classic story involving everyone’s favorite Italian plumber video game character. This project is titled “Bowser’s Star,” and the judges were really impressed with the character design this coder put into their project. Well done! The Third Place Prize is a Makey Makey!

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Great work and congratulations to all our participants! The next contest starts June 1, 2023 and the theme is around creating a website to tell people about your favorite song. Library admins can find details and promo kits here. Students can find information on the Challenge page inside of Fiero Code starting June 1.

Good luck!

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