About Fiero Code

Our Mission:

Fiero exists to help people unlock a hopeful future as they learn new-economy skills.

Our Story

In 2013, Kelly Smith rounded up a bunch of neighborhood kids and started an after school code club at the Mesa Public Library in Phoenix, Arizona.

In those club meetings we saw firsthand how a student’s face would light up when they decided to go on the journey of learning to code. It was infectious.

The club grew and began to expand into new libraries around Arizona, intially, and eventually into states all around the country.

Today, with the help of our amazing community of team members, code club facilitators, parnter organizations, and parents we work with kids through schools and libraries all around the world.


Luke Miller


Breck LeSueur

Head of Product

Strategic Support

April Lesher

Curriculum & Standards Consultant

boy in gray shirt using black laptop computer

Where we’re headed

Working with kids is amazing, but they’re not the only people who could use a hopeful future.

We’re actively pursuing towards working with new communities such as prison, homeless, and refugee communities

Coding does a great job of giving people a hopeful future, but it’s not the only way. 

We are working towards building new educational content (with the Fiero model and magic) in areas such as entrepreneurship, design, and software administration. These are “middle skills” that open tremendous job opportunities.

Interested in learning more about where Fiero is headed? Get in touch.

Work With Us

We’re not on the hunt for anything specific at the moment but we’d love to meet people who are attracted to our mission. Who knows what could happen! We’ll look forward to hearing from you!