How to Help Foster Repeat Attendance
February 9, 2017

We’ve heard you loud and clear. Repeat attendance is a really important statistic for you. It indicates that people are engaged in learning. And that’s what we all want!

Luke’s got a couple really good ideas. Watch the video below, or read the recap beneath it.


#1 Consistency

The most important element in building repeat attendance is meeting regularly. If you meet sporadically, attendance will be sporadic. You can’t build a community if people don’t have a regular place to come and learn coding.

We recommend meeting once a week, every week, no matter what. If the library is closed for a holiday, you can take a break. Otherwise, try as much as possible to run a consistent code club.

#2 Communication

A little communication goes a long way. If you want to foster repeat attendance, be prepared to make a concentrated effort at communication to both coders and parents.

Coders. At the end of code club, remind the coders when the next meeting will be taking place, and tell them how excited you are to see them there.

Parents. Remind parents of your code club schedule when you see them in person, and don’t be afraid to send out emails to them. You can get parent emails through your Fiero admin account. If your code club meets on Wednesday, send out a simple reminder on Monday.

#3 Relationships

We call this a club for a reason. The social aspect is HUGE! Do your best to help coders form meaningful relationships with their peers. When coders feel like they belong to the club, they’ll come back week after week.

How do you do that? I probably don’t need to tell you, but think about things like ice breakers, group projects, show and tell days, or pairing coders off when they need help.


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