How to Help Coders Share Projects
December 29, 2016

Sharing projects is one of the most motivating things a young coder can do. They’ve spent hours upon hours working on a single game or animation or app or website, then comes their moment in the spotlight. Their peers watch as they unveil their project, and their little hearts are full.

It’s the same concept to why music programs always work towards a concert. Scheduling a concert gives you a deadline to work towards, but more importantly, it gives you an opportunity to show off all your hard work and receive positive feedback from peers, friends, and family.

Build in project-sharing to the regular rhythm of your code club. Watch the video below to get some practical ways to do that.

1. Showcase events.

Plan a big shebang for a couple months out where the kids can invite their parents and friends to show off some projects they’ve been working on.

Meanwhile, you invite your city council or other local politicians. When everyone gets there, have a projector set up, and let the kids share something they’ve built.

2. Small group sharing time.

If you’re looking for something that has a little less production time, try this. Break the coders into small groups of 3-5 during the final 30 minutes. In their small groups, have the kids share to each other what they’ve been working on. Have them share their project, and why they decided to work on that particular thing.


The important thing is to make sure you’re building in a regular time to share projects. Projects help coders stay engaged, engagement helps with retention and learning, and that is what we’re shooting for!

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