Help! My Attendance Report is Wrong!
December 29, 2016

We’re still ironing on the kinks around here. Early on, we heard you ask for the ability to track attendance, and we built it!

Shortly after, the phone calls started coming in from facilitators confused that their report showed different numbers than what they actually had in code club on any given week. After much research, we’ve figured out a few small errors that cause the attendance report to be off. Check each of these, and if the report is still off, please let us know! 

#1 Double Check Code Club Info

From log in with your admin account. It should bring you to this screen:

Click on the “Info” button to the right of your code club name.

Make sure all the info on this page is correct. Double check the day, time, and timezone, as those are the main way we track attendance.

Click “Save.”

#2 Make Sure Coders Have a Profile

The next thing to verify is that everyone in attendance has created a profile in our software. To do this, click on “Coders” to the right of your code club name.

During your next code club, write down everyone’s name in attendance. Afterwards, come here and make sure they have a profile in your code club.

There are two things that could have happened if you do not see a coder’s profile in your list:

  1. When the coder created their account for the first time, they selected the wrong code club.
  2. The coder never created a profile in our software, and instead went straight to Scratch, or another coding website.

If you don’t see their profile, and you know they created one, reach out to us. We’ll find them and assign them to the correct code club.

#3 Make Sure Coders are Logging In Every Week

This is the most common culprit. As coders become more comfortable in Scratch and the other coding platforms, or as they begin working on projects that take several weeks to complete many of them forgot to start in the Fiero software. Instead, they navigate straight to Scratch from the beginning.

To solve that, just make sure you’re encouraging the coders to start in the Fiero software even if they’re not going to be in there long. That will allow us to track them in our attendance report.


If by some act of God you have checked on all these problems and are still getting incorrect attendance reports, please reach out to usWe want that report to be a useful tool for our facilitators.

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