Do your coders want to learn real coding languages?
January 24, 2017

If you have one of those kids who was born with that an innate desire to learn Javascript (you might want to be nice to them… they’ll likely end up rich), then here’s what you do:

(Luke shares his thoughts in this video, or read the article below)

Our software keeps the kids in Scratch for a fair amount of time. For most kids this is great. The block language Scratch uses gives them the opportunity to learn the basics of coding while not having to worry about tedious syntax errors. Not to mention, there are enough games in Scratch to last a coder’s lifetime.

However, some coders will get bored with scratch, and want to move on to a “real” coding language (notice the air quotes). It is your call on whether they are ready to move on or not.  If you decide yes, then use this secret code:


to skip ahead a couple levels. Stop on the level titled “Javascript Starter.” This is the first level the software introduces the coders to a real coding language.

From there, let the coders go nuts learning Javascript. HTML and CSS aren’t far behind!

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