The Ultimate Guide to Adding Fiero to Your Website

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1. Create the Direct Link

Set up a direct link to Fiero that you can use on your website, emails, social media posts, or in any other digital context. This link is how you will authenticate library card holders. 

To get your direct link work with your customer success rep from Fiero.

Logo & Button

2. Add the Fiero MARC Record

MARC Records are the electronic records your catalogue system uses to help patrons find resources in your catalogue.

We want patrons to find Fiero, right?! So take this file, and have your catalogue person upload it to your ILS.

MARC Record Download

3. Logos, buttons, assets

To add Fiero Code to your website, you’re going to want our logo and you may want a “product button” as well. You can find both of these items in the Promo Kit.

We have also produced a helper video that walks through the process of signing up. You may want to link to if you have the space.

Here is the link for that video >

Logo & Button

How-to Video

Web Banner Graphics

Fiero Code Logo

4. Website Locations

Where should you put Fiero Code on your website?

First off, you don’t have to just put it in one location. We recommend putting it in as many places as makes sense on your website. This includes not just the databases page, but any pages that have to do with learning, youth, or STEM.

Recommended Pages:

  • Youth
  • Children
  • Teen
  • Learning
  • E-Resources / Digital Resources / Online Library
  • Learning
  • Databases

5. To Feature or Not to Feature

Many library websites have areas to feature resources on the home page. We 100% think you should feature Fiero Code in that real estate, and here’s why:

Fiero Code is one of the most innovative products in library-land. It’s amazing that you have this great resource, and it has lots of potential to hugely impact patrons, but the general public isn’t going to think to check if their library offers a learn-to-code software. So you really have to be proactive to get the word out, and by featuring it on the home page of your website, you’ll bring awareness to a much wider audience than if you only listed in on specific pages of the website.

“You should 100% feature Fiero on your website!”

– someone very smart