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For EBSCO sales reps

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  • Shoot for most demos to be done by Luke.
  • Share Calendly link directly with customers OR book on behalf of customers.
  • Ask the customer to have the right people on the call (Digital Resources, Youth Programming)


Calendly Link:





Trial Link:

Trial Doc:




  • Inform the customer that the first step to getting started with Fiero is to schedule an orientation meeting with Fiero.
  • If a public library, the customer needs to have these people on that call:
    • The person in charge of getting Fiero added to the website
    • The person in charge of youth programming
    • The person in charge of marketing

Once Fiero recieves the order, our process looks like this (just FYI):

  1. Fiero will meet with them to do a really good kickoff.
  2. Fiero will follow up with Rep to provide Direct URL (please don’t provide early).
  3. Fiero will continue to follow up with them until they get the resource added to their website.
  4. Fiero will check in at 6 months.

Sales Resources

Luke’s Demo Slides for Public Libraries

Caution: leads become hot when using

Luke’s Demo Slides for K12 Schools

Same heat, but for a different dish

Sales PPT

More in-depth than demo slides

Sales Handout

This 1-pager could change your life.

8 min overview video

Good for sharing 😉

3 min overview video

Even better for sharing 😉

Trade Show Makey Makey Activity

The ultimate Trade Show lead-gen