New Robot Avatars!
February 28, 2023

Today is a big day. 

We released the Robot Avatars, and everyone is buzzing with excitement.

We’ve had avatars since the beginning, but as we grew, and as our student population evolved, it became obvious that the old avatars needed to be retired. After many months and working with amazing artists and developers, we’re proud to show off the final product.

Here’s a video that shows it off:

Why Avatars?

One of the foundational principles Fiero Code is built on is the idea of gamification.

We want students to learn how to code because we believe it’s going to unlock a hopeful future. To do that, we need to keep them interested long enough to actually obtain those skills. Gamification is one of the ways we keep them interested, and our avatars are probably our best example of gamification.

In Fiero Code, as students complete coding activities, they unlock new pieces of gear that they can then use to customize their avatar. It’s super fun for learners of all ages.

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