8 Ways to Make Code Club Fun
January 10, 2023

Here’s a new resource that walks your through 8 ways to make code club more “fun!”

Why? Because all of our code clubs could stand a good dash of fun now and then.

1. Background Music

A little background music just helps the kids know they’re allowed to be loud during code club.

2. Spontaneous Show & Tells

“Hey, who likes Pokemon? Who wants to see an awesome Pokemon game.” A bunch of kids will wander over to take a look. It’s super fun!

3. Ending Show & Tell

Dedicate the last 15 minutes of code club to a dedicated “Show and Tell” time where students can stand up, plug their computer into a tv or projector, and show what they’re working on.

4. Coder of the week

Every week pick one coder who gets to plug their computer into a TV or projector and code all day on the big screen.

5. Ice Breakers

Start code clubs with an Ice Breaker question or activity. Fiero has a shared Google Doc that has questions and activities from code club facilitators from around the world.

6. Pair Up!

Encourage students to pair up and work on a project (Mission) together.

7. Contests

Participate in a Fiero contest or run your own!

8. Peer Reviews

Do “Peer Reviews” where students review each other’s projects and provide suggestions for making it better.

Honorable Mentions

  • Arrange the room so it doesn’t feel like a classroom – maybe use a room with couches / comfy chairs if you can.
  • Pull out a robot or Makey Makey and get a whole group hovering around a single robot.

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