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Current Contest Theme:

Solar System Animation!

Coder! Dr. Lou Gnarr has disabled the Famous Fiero Planetarium! 

We need YOU to design an animated model of the Solar System using your fantastic coding skills so that the Planetarium show can go on!

Current Code Challenge Details


Mission Name

  • Map of the Universe!


October 1 – November 30

Project Due Date

11:59pm, November 30, 2022


First, second and third place will be awarded for two age groups: 8-12 year olds and 13-18 year olds

1. Sphero Mini

2. Makey Makey

3. Ozobot

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What is a Fiero Code Challenge?

Fiero organizes regular coding competitions for the patrons of our partner schools and libraries. These are free and open to kids ages 8-18 from these schools and libraries.

Inside Fiero’s learn-to-code software, coders will have access to new featured projects with 6-8 weeks to build something awesome. Projects are then submitted for a chance to win code-able robots, drones, Makey Makeys, and more!