Creativity is a beautiful thing.
November 17, 2015

Have you ever watched a child draw a picture? I find it beautiful. Like, sunset over the ocean beautiful. Planet Earth from space beautiful.

It’s the creation process. One moment there is a kid holding a crayon, looking at a blank sheet of paper. A few minutes later, there is Something. Something that didn’t exist in the world before. Something that came from a young brain engaging with its surroundings. And whether it is a complex battle sequence or flying unicorns with rainbows (both real examples from my house in the past month), I find it beautiful.

Now imagine if the creations were no longer static, but living, moving, functional things. The possibilities compound exponentially.

Like this weird gravity game:

Or this one where you have to avoid lightning bolts:

Or this bizarro (just push the stop sign to make it stop):

I’ve seen so many incredible projects. Animated storybooks, dragon slayers, dress up simulators, race cars. They are all beautiful to me, not so much for the end result, but because of the creative process that causes them to exist in the first place.

May these bursts of creativity be only the beginning.

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