The Code Club Movement: Spring Update
June 1, 2017

This spring we saw a record number of kids come through our clubs, dozens of librarians with no coding skills get trained up, and went from catalyzing clubs in five to fifteen states.

But my favorite story comes from a tiny Oklahoma public library.

Wister has a population of 1200. That’s smaller than my high school. Their local library staff (who is passionate, ambitious, just a little crazy), took the plunge and decided to start a code club.

The kickoff day came, and by the time they finished I had this email in my inbox:

“25 kids!! I don’t know how we are going to accommodate all of them. What a happy problem in this little bitty library!”

I about fell out of my chair.


We’re still hammering away on the same nail. Singing the same tune.

Code clubs in every library and school meeting every week. 

And we’re making progress.


It’s clear there is work to do. If we want empower kids to become superheroes by learning to code, we’ve got to meet more librarians who are as passionate and ambitious and crazy as the one above.

We’ve got to keep preaching the good news. That means more free resources like these.

We’ve got to harness our collective expertise. That means building deeper and more meaningful community for those on the front lines.

And we’ve got to stick up for those who no one else will.


Sounds like something you’d be interested in? You have a very warm invitation to join us.

Together, we’ll make a difference.


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