Already Running a Code Club? Fiero Saves You Money
May 11, 2017

Last week we found out that one woman took The Ultimate Guide to Code Club resource kit and successfully got her own code club off the ground. She even gave a presentation on it at a conference. Amazing, right?

We’ve given away over 500 copies of that guide over the past couple years—you may even be one of those people— and there’s really no way of telling how many clubs have been started using that resource. Could be hundreds, and that’s exciting, right?

The team here at Fiero was talking this week, and after doing some simple math we had a realization (this is a pretty embarrassing story because Andy, our cofounder has a PhD in Mathematics). Want to hear what we realized?

Fiero’s code club package (training, software, and support) is cheaper than running a code club in-house. 

Kelly had to pick my jaw up off the ground. I was shocked.

How can Fiero save a library that’s running code club using internal resources money?

Here’s the math:


Your run of the mill children’s librarian will spend an average of 4 hours a week preparing lessons plans for code club. This is the time they’ll spend building the curriculum, researching platforms, testing out modules, etc…

With me so far?

The best salary data I could find indicated that children’s services librarians make about $22/hr.

So, if you follow my logic… 4 hours a week averages to 16 hours a month. Multiply that by the average hourly rate, and you’re at $352 a month to pull off a weekly code club.

The question becomes, if you could find something that beats $352 a month, would you be interested?


Price is usually the most important factor in buying, and Fiero beats $352/month. Weighing in at an astounding $208-$250 a month (depending on length of subscription), we’re a solid $100-$150/month cheaper.

That turns into $1200-$1800 a year.

So on price alone, Fiero begins to look very appealing.

But what if we provided MORE than just a cheaper option?

We help libraries run code club. We have developed a suite of services that makes it easy for any library to get a successful club off the ground. Our services include training, software, and support. What that means for the library is:

  • Librarians who don’t feel confident in coding are trained and supported to run a successful code club.
  • When librarians get stuck or need help, they have somewhere to turn for help.
  • The software means no prep time is needed. The software replaces the need for lesson plans. All the librarian has to do is show up and hang out with the kids.
  • Admin time is drastically cut down. We help with the marketing, and we make communicating with parents easy.

And the best part is we only cost a couple hundred bucks a month. Amazing, right?

So I guess what I’m telling you is you can have the flashy program you really wanted, and save money.

You can have your cake, and eat it too.

The Question

So ask yourself, “What if I could get Fiero’s full suite of services—world class training, software that makes life easy, and a team of experts that got my back— and actually save money in the grand scheme of things?”

Hopefully it’s a no-brainer.

Want to talk more? Fill out the form here. 

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